1. Support the schools to acquire, develop and complete all projects as scheduled.
  2. Encourage the schools to develop more demand-driven academic programmes (regular, sandwich and graduate) and relevant curricula.
  3. Encourage the schools to embark on more income generating activities and build on what already exist and enforce fiscal discipline. 
  4. Promote absolute conducive teaching and learning environment coupled with sound student/staff relationship.     
  5. Encourage schools to increase research output.
  6. To be highly active in striking collaboration/linkage with relevant local and foreign stakeholders.
  7. Promote condusive working environment for both teaching and non-teaching staff to support research, teaching and learning.




The College is committed to be outstanding in producing excellent graduates with inbuilt capacities relevant to the needs of the country and the world at large.



To continually encourage its schools to engage in cutting edge research, teaching and extension services, recruit and retain excellent faculty and collaborate with relevant stakeholders in order to produce excellent graduates.



Core Value

To operate a culture of mutual respect and cooperation in learning–centered climate, while emphasizing critical innovation thinking, intellectual inquiry and capacity–building