Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Chemistry

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

Career opportunities exist for graduates in various organisations such as government departments, parastatals, research and development institutes, production, biotechnology, quality control, pharmaceutical industry, processing industry, fertilizer production industry, plastics industry, pulp and paper industry, tanning industry, consumer industry, oil and petroleum industry, textile industry, dyes and paints industry, cosmetics industry, cement industry, glass industry, water purification and wastewater purification engineering.

Entry Requirements: 

Applicants must obtain passes in Chemistry, Physics and either Elective Mathematics or Biology. 

Career Opportunities: 

Industrial chemistry serves as the conduit between bench scale chemistry and industrial scale chemical engineering. It requires a broad understanding of both chemistry and chemical engineering concepts. Industrial Chemists are applied scientists, some of whom are engaged in solving problems at the forefront of research, while others are responsible for successful operations in the chemical industry. It establishes knowledge linkages in engineering, chemical processing, economics and industrial management. 
Industrial chemistry applies physical and chemical processes towards the transformation of raw materials into products that are of benefit to society. The goal of our Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry degree programme is to produce graduates who will be highly skilled in this activity.